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Valk Unit Lawyer (LD#34 Entry)

Story : A reality TV show growing it's popularity by delivering high-speed verdicts.

Feats : over 605 dialogue lines, 71 culprits.

How to Play : You use the mouse to click on buttons on the screen. You can drag and drop the black chat boxes. Tip: To determine who's guilty it's typically murder/confession sometimes it can be too subtle. When you max your popularity you'll be rewarded with a little piece of art.

Credits : Game Maker Studio. Sine Glitch's music, design/code by @oz2mura and art/concept by @pumpkinnette.

edit: fixed minor typos/misunderstandings in game.

edit2: also removed the installer version from downloads, replaced with zipped(not installer) and single runtime executable file. added a version 2 for faster verdict cut scene and fixing balancing issues.

TagsAnime, Comedy, Cute, Funny, Ludum Dare 34
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Valk Unit Lawyer (V2).exe 7 MB
Valk Unit Lawyer.exe 7 MB
Valk Unit Lawyer.zip 9 MB


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I really, REALLY love the concept of the game. I do think, however, that it should be faster-paced. The whole verdict cutscene thing might look cool, but it gets boring fast and should be used only to some specific cases ("boss" cases, maybe?), and with more sound effects (maybe voice acting).

In my head, something more like "papers please", where you go from one case to the other (maybe even with a big stamp "GUILTY" or "NOT GUILTY"), would feel better.

Very good 5-10 minute short game, really enjoyed it, I played it for my channel so it'll be up asap, I'll link you the video if you're interested. :)

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:D Thanks! Really glad your enjoyed it! Definitely up for a link, and thanks for playing/youtubing it.